A fearful Mastiff spends weeks huddled in a corner until a woman patiently encourages her to overcome her fears and come out of her shell

Couple takes shifts sitting outside with their terrified foster dog 12 hours a day for weeks… and it’s SO worth ịt

Kristin was terrified when she arrived home with her foster mother, Jodi. Jodi and her family had been fostering for ten years and had never seen a dog as damaged as Kristin.

Kristin spent the entire day standing in a corner outside. She didn’t want anything to do with anyone else. So Jodi placed some food and drink out and gave Kristin some alone time.

They also attempted to convey to Kristin that they were not there to harm her.“My spouse and I would alternate. “We spent anywhere from 10 to 12 hours a day just letting her know we weren’t going to do these sudden movements,” Jodi recounted. “

They just stood outside and sat close Kristin to let her know they were kind and she wasn’t alone.

This went on for weeks before they made any progress. But the day eventually arrived when Kristin was ready to move into her own home. Jodi’s eyes welled up with tears.

“I felt at that moment she trusted that his house was a safe house,” Jodi said. “But we still had a lot of work for her because she would start running to the bathroom corner.”

After approximately a month or two, Jodi began to feel at home in her new home. She needed to be around her new family at that moment. The family was overjoyed when Kristin rose from her comfortable bed and strolled up to Jodi’s husband to be petted and loved on.

“That was huge for us,” Jodi remarked.

Kristin not only had a new human foster family, but she also had a new family of other dogs that resided in the house or were fosters who came and went.

Kristin had come from an abusive home, according to Jodi’s foster website. She and three of her mastiff siblings were rescued. That’s why Kristin was first skeptical about her foster family.

“Charges for severe cruelty and neglect were filed after these mastiffs were discovered in deplorable conditions.” Rescue was called in, and BDHP was able to save four of them (the fifth was taken by another rescue). They are all in foster care and will be available for adoption shortly.” Jodi elaborates

Kristin’s other siblings were also dealing with emotional issues. But Jodi has proven that love can cure anything. Kristin was like a brand-new puppy as a result of Jodi’s love and attention.

She had completely emerged from her shell and was the joyful, loving dog she had always deserved to be. Jodi intended for Kristin to be placed for adoption after she was fully recovered and healthy.

Kristin has been declared an official foster failure. Jodi and her family determined that Kristin was a permanent member of their family.

In the video below, you may learn more about Kristin’s tale.

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