A Heroic Leap: Brave service dog leaps to protect his owner, jumping in front of a bus to shield them from harm, embodying the true essence of loyalty and bravery

This story is about a very brave dog. The motorist did not notice Audrey Stone and her service dog, crossing the road, but Figo saw the driver and immediately jumped into the nearest part of the car to protect Audrey.

The dog got a really big blow. And he did not want to leave her. He was always there to protect her.

Dogs are simply the bravest and most devoted creatures in the world.

EMTs soon arrived to help Stone, who broke her right elbow and ankle and also sustained several fractures.

All this time Figo wanted to stay by hrt side, and he did not leave anyway.

Figo had a bad injury to his right leg, so EMTs came to the rescue and covered it.

During all this confusion, Figo kept calm, did not bark or cry, although he was definitely in terrible pain.

Figo was not allowed to accompany Stone while she was in the ambulance, so he was taken by fire truck.

When he arrived, he was taken to a veterinarian for proper care.

They both recover after the operation and feel very well. Now they are recovering in sanitation.

What a selfless, loyal dog!

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