A Triumph of Hope: Abandoned Dog’s Resilience Leads to New Life with Loving Family


It’s unfortunate that some people mistreat dogs, but thankfully, there are happy endings for some of these pups. One such example comes from Saginaw, Michigan where an owner had tied up their dog, Bella, with two steel cables. However, thanks to the efforts of the Best Friends Animal Society, Bella’s story now has a positive outcome.

The unfortunate creature was left to fend for herself without any human interaction, shelter or sustenance. The poor dog was denied even basic needs like water and food, which were kept out of reach. To make matters worse, Bella was bound by cables, rendering her immobile. This continued for several weeks, causing her to deteriorate physically and mentally.

Finally, a kind-hearted individual responded to the dog’s cries and found her in a distressing state. The animal was emaciated, parched, and had resorted to chewing off her own limb to escape the ordeal. When Saginaw County Animal Care and Control arrived at the scene, they were appalled by what they saw.


Desiree, one of the officers involved, shared a heartbreaking account of witnessing a dog in a distressing situation. Thankfully, the dog was swiftly taken to a local veterinary clinic where it received exceptional care. Remarkably, despite its neglectful past, the dog displayed a positive demeanor and even wagged its tail, according to Best Friends.

Bella’s owner was held responsible and charged for the mistreatment of the adorable pooch. The good news is that Bella is now safe and under the care of a shelter, who have taken custody of her and are in the process of finding her a new loving home. Despite losing a limb, Bella is slowly adapting to her new life on three legs.

After spending a period of time at the Saginaw County Animal Care and Control, Bella was transferred to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for the necessary attention. While transporting her from Michigan to Utah was a challenge, Bella’s tale resonated with people who generously sponsored the journey.


Bella is currently living a blissful life after being adopted by Kim Diehl and Jason Reding from Rockport, Illinois. The couple fell in love with Bella the moment they laid eyes on her. Kim was particularly drawn to Bella’s lively persona and bubbly nature. It’s heartening to see Bella happy and thriving in her new home, and we wish her all the joy and contentment she deserves.

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