Against All Odds: The Miraculous Rescue of a Handicapped Puppy Chained to an Old Truck Surviving 10 Days of Starvation

It breaks our hearts to see so many dogs and cats being abandoned by the people they love the most—their owners.

However, there are situations when the animals who have suffered the most harm have the best outcomes. Despite challenging circumstances, they have managed to survive and are now enjoying the wonderful, loving lives they deserve.

Duke, a 10-month-old dog, was starved to death by his owner after being tethered to a dilapidated truck outside of town. Duke was diseased and someone had dubbed him untouchable. The owner no longer wanted him and threw him like trash.

Duke had been without food and drink for ten days and was quite frail. He had fleas all over him and was coated in his own waste. In addition to being malnourished, he also had fractured legs from previous abuse.

Duke appeared to be unable to live given his state. But he was saved and even received assistance for his injured body due to a compassionate woman and the Rudozem Street Dog Rescue.

Rowles tells The Dodo, “It was a great shock when the vet indicated there was trauma to his feet. They were clearly damaged. His feet had been broken. There were no ligaments in his feet. In his foot, bones were simply floating around.”

Rowles took Duke home and introduced him to his wife and other dogs because the group’s shelter was filled.

“When I first approached him, he seemed fine. For those first several weeks, however, you could sense that fear in the way he walked and the way he retreated” according to Rowles. ,,He genuinely connected with my wife Diane. He simply adored Diane.”

Duke was able to walk without wobbling after having surgery to correct his feet. He regained his faith in others and began to accept his new, adoring surroundings.

Duke was able to stand up straight after having surgery to correct his feet. He regained his ability to trust people, and he began to adjust to his new, loving surroundings. He was then adopted by the most compassionate woman in England, which was yet another great event.

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