Emaciated Dog Pleads for Assistance in Its Fragility

Lancris was a stray dog who had been wandering along the dusty streets of San Antonio, Paranaque for days, exposed to the scorching heat of the sun without any food or water.

His body was severely dehydrated, and he was weak and emaciated, with his bones protruding from his frail frame.

One day, as I was passing by, I spotted Lancris lying on the side of the road. He could only manage to raise his head weakly to look at me before collapsing again.

My heart went out to him, and I immediately rushed to his side. Despite his condition, he wagged his tail slightly, showing his affection even in his dire state.

I couldn’t bear to leave him there, so I decided to rescue him. With great care, I lifted him and took him to a nearby animal clinic for treatment.

The veterinarians there confirmed that Lancris was severe dehydrated and malnourished, but they assured me that with proper care, he had a chance to recover.

Over the days that followed, I nursed him back to health, giving him plenty of food, water, and medication. Despite his initial weakness, Lancris showed incredible resilience and determination to survive.

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