Girl Finds Loving Family but Loses Half Her Face, Unable to Recognize Herself


Haddie the dog lost half of its face after being used as a decoy in an air battle. For a long time, he was in the hands of abusers that caused him great pain.

For its owners, it was nothing more than an entertainment, they showed no remorse or sensitivity to their situation.

Haddie grew up in an environment so sick that it left her with permanent scars. Her face is completely disfigured, without an eye and with a large part of her muzzle damaged , while she suffers others gamble and celebrate for it.

He lost half his face in dog skinning but now he’s enjoying a new opportunity

This brave dog’s life was difficult, but everything changed when it seemed that there was no hope left for her. Mutt Scouts, a shelter for abused dogs, was able to rescue him .

Although her transition was difficult, her life was saved and now she is surrounded by people who have given her all the love she never received. okay .

This adorable dog had a second chance, a few days after her rescue, she was transferred to southern California, to Mutt Scouts Dog Rescue, where she began a new process.

She underwent multiple surgeries to improve her state of health , with infinite care and love, hopes were reborn.

His recovery process was very expensive, but fortunately, he had the support of kind souls who paid all his medical bills.

Erin Williams, a 36-year-old woman from Washington DC , learned the story of the dog and from the first moment she saw her, she was attracted by her unusual appearance.

He wanted to be part of her recovery process and make her a member of his family, so he didn’t hesitate to adopt her .

“They had to remove part of his skin and one eye to save his life. Basically, she was already rotting away. I’ve seen before photos and it’s really scary. The injuries came from forceful attacks by other dogs,” Erin Williams said.

At all times, Williams was willing to take care of the dog and make her feel safe in her new home.

“A lot of the medical care happened before I adopted her. When I got it, her face was still healing, so my job was to make sure the affected area was okay,” Williams said.

As expected, the dog needed a long time for her wounds to heal completely , also for her to adapt to her new home, she needed to feel confident and interact with other furry ones without feeling afraid.

Little by little, her fear disappeared and she completely trusted her new family, now she is a very sociable dog who loves to have all the attention .

Although some people look at her a little bewildered, for Erin her dog is the bravest and most beautiful in the world . She has had to admit harsh comments or unwanted looks, but they move on without anything disturbing her walks.

“ Haddie is always there to remind me that it is time to leave the house for a walk, and she is always willing to take a nap,” Erin said.

Today this lovely dog ​​loves to be the family’s pet , it has taught his mother to enjoy the little pleasures in life such as sleeping, a simple gift or enjoying the sunset in a comfortable place. roof. Erin finally added:

“Just knowing that my baby is safe and loved makes me happy enough. Today, she is enjoying life for the first time, so she has a chance to be a puppy. He always looks like he’s smiling. Personally, I find that endearing and I’m grateful that so many people do.”

After an unhappy past, there is no doubt that he deserves a loving home. Congratulations, baby Haddie.

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