Good Samaritan Rescues Dog Left Out in the Cold by Negligent Family

Blizzard, a dog hailing from Detroit, Michigan, is only two years old. She was given her name as she was discovered during a severe snowstorm. Blizzard’s life was almost taken by the harsh winter conditions, but thankfully, a neighbor came to her rescue.

During a severe blizzard, the neighbor of Blizzard’s owners noticed the poor dog tied up outside in the cold and immediately contacted Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue. This organization is known for rescuing stray dogs that are injured or ill.

According to a member of the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, they received a call about a dog in terrible shape and they could see that the man who made the call cared deeply for the unfortunate animal. The concerned citizen was afraid that if they did not go and save the dog, it might die. It is important to note that leaving pets tied up outside for more than three hours is illegal in Detroit since February last year. Realizing the urgency of the situation, the rescue foundation volunteers rushed to the location as quickly as possible. The director and organizer of the rescue association, Theresa Sumpter, mentioned that when they picked up the dog, they found that it was doing well, and her helper was even licked by the dog.

Blizzard’s owners were unresponsive to the volunteers who tried to rescue the dog, even though it was their neighbor who called for help. Eventually, the neighbor had to enter the pet owners’ house and convince them to let Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue take Blizzard. The rescuers were shocked when they saw that another dog in the household was allowed to stay inside while Blizzard was left outside in the freezing cold. The pet owners had planned to leave Blizzard outside despite her injuries and inability to cope with the harsh weather. Theresa, one of the rescuers, observed that Blizzard was clearly suffering from the cold and was unable to walk outside.

After the dog was safely placed in the truck, she snuggled up and dozed off. She was later rescued and taken to a veterinarian for treatment. During the check-up, it was discovered that her legs were swollen, infected, and frostbitten. However, the vet assured that with proper care, she would make a full recovery. The furry friend was then taken to a temporary home where she shares a cozy space with two other dogs rescued by Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue – Noelle and Cholo. Theresa, who oversees the foster home, revealed that the pup is happily settling in and enjoys playing with her new pals. Remember, it’s crucial to alert the relevant authorities if you come across any animal in distress. No creature should suffer needlessly. Please share this message with your loved ones.

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