Guardian of Love! A kind woman adopts and showers six disabled dogs with the best life possible, exemplifying the power of love and compassion

Dogs are [hu]man’s best friend, so not surprised a woman wants to adopt these dogs.

A woman from Mendon, Vermont has dedicated her life to saving puppies that are walked past by people in animal shelters. Tracey Fowler, who had lost Hayden, her German Shepherd, decided to grow her new pack from the unwanted pups in shelters.

Fowler now has a Herd of 8 strong puppies, special needs pups. Fowler reported that Hayden d.e.a.t.h after suffering a harsh battle against degenerative myelopathy that made him suffer from paralysis in his later years. She also added that Hayden’s d.e.a.t.h inspired her to change her life to other dogs like him. How awesome!

Some information if you want to adopt a dog: Before you bring your dog home, there are a few ways to prepare for their arrival and your new life as a pet parent. First, we congratulate you on deciding to adopt, especially if you’re going for an animal rescue or shelter dog.

What dog breed should you get?

With over 200 known breeds to choose from, it can be overwhelming for prospective pet parents to decide which dog breed is right for them.

If you’re adopting a dog from a shelter, then the dog’s breed might not matter as much to you as the dog’s temperament and personality do.

Where do you go to adopt a dog?

Pet adoption is a unique process everywhere you go. You can adopt dogs from animal shelters, rescue leagues, adoption agencies, and locally or through word-of-mouth. There may be adoption fees associated with the center you choose, so be sure to ask questions about finances during the process.

What dog breed matches your lifestyle?

Finding the right dog is like playing matchmaker—from size to temperament—you have many options. Think about your lifestyle and how it matches with a dog you’d like to adopt:

– Is the dog breed good for kids?– How spacious is your home?– Do you enjoy jogs or walks?

What do you need to buy before adopting a dog?

Bringing home a new dog is an exciting moment, but it can go south quickly if you’re not adequately prepared for your new family member. Proper food for your dog’s breed, age, and special dietary needs. Designated food and water bowls.

– A collar and leash suitable to your dog’s size and age (bonus points for a name tag with your contact information)– Dog toys– Dog treats– Dog medicine and care items

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