He was on his way to the market to sell meat to heartless people for dinner, scared and desperate for life


Meet Harry, the brave survivor rescued from a meat truck headed to the Yulin festival. Harry had been abused, maimed, and broken, with his body covered in open wounds, both physical and mental. Upon his rescue, Harry was taken immediately to a vet for treatment, where he slowly began his journey to recovery.

Day 12: Incredible progress has been seen in Harry in just 12 days, as he has transformed from being a scared and timid dog into a smiling happy boy. His wounds are healing beautifully, and he is disease-free, full of life and hope.

Day 15: Harry received his first vaccination. It was a huge victory and a step towards a brighter future.

Day 18: All of Harry’s stitches have been removed, showing that he is one step closer to full recovery.

Day 30: Harry’s only remaining symptom of his past is a crusty nose due to Canine distemper virus. But with his good progress, things are looking up for Harry.

Day 36: Harry is doing well as most of his scars have healed, but he is still a little uncertain on long walks and requires some carrying. Nevertheless, he’s fully recovered and thriving.

Little Harry is very happy and healthy and loves when he gets massages! It’s amazing to see that he has forgotten his past completely and is now a trusting, affectionate, and playful doggo. Harry’s transformation is remarkable, and his personality shines through.

Day 100: Harry is now larger than life and has come a long way since he first arrived with wounds requiring stitches. Thanks to time and love, Harry’s wounds have fully healed, and his scars are no longer visible.

Harry traveled to Canada, where he now lives an extraordinary life. His favorite thing is playing in the snow and spending time with his beloved person, Katie, who has taught him many new things. Harry has even made a girlfriend, Tata, who is also a big part of his life.

Harry has adjusted well and is enjoying his king-like existence, with full care and love. His progress is thanks to his incredible resilience and the support of those who have believed in him from day one.

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