Heartwarming Reunion: Grateful Burn Survivor Dog Overcome with Joy as He Meets Rescuing Vet Again

Back in March 2017, firefighters over at West Palm Beach, Florida were alertedaout a possible brush fire near an area where homeless individuals often stay.

Captain Gregg Gordon and his team arrived on time only to discover a devastating scene – a guard dog that had been tied to a tree and suffered severe burns. It was evident that the dog was in excruciating pain.

Firefighter Marcos Orozca rescued a dog by removing its chain and bringing it to Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center (JPESC). The puppy was given the name Smokey by the firefighters who found him. According to Gordon, who spoke to The Palm Beach Post, the puppy was severely burnt and very distressed even during the rescue. He was worriedaout Smokey’s survival.

Dr. Latimer, the veterinarian, quickly brought the little pup in for treatment after witnessing the severity of its burns. The dog had suffered the worst burns on its back torso and hind legs. The determined vet assured the firefighters that the pup would recover, but it would require a lot of attention and care. Smokey, as he was later named, was given numerous blood transfusions, frequent baths, and dressing changes during his stay at JPESC. The veterinary clinic also administered hyperbaric chamber treatments to reduce swelling and ease any pain from the extensive burns. All this information was shared on JPESC’s Facebook page to update their grateful followers on Smokey’s progress.

When Smokey arrived at JPESC, he was very anxious and scared of everyone. However, as time went by, he began to feel more comfortable around the vets and nurses. Captain Gordon, who had rescued Smokey and his team, decided to foster the pup while he recovered from his injuries.

Captain Gordon took Smokey to his home where he introduced him to his two dogs. Smokey was overjoyed to have new playmates! After a week, they went back to JPESC for a check-up, and as soon as Dr. Latimer entered the room, Smokey ran towards him and gave him a warm hug. He was grateful for the care and attention that he received during his stay at the clinic.

JPESC shared a video on YouTube of Smokey showing his appreciation towards Dr. Latimer. During the check-up, Smokey received some great news. Dr. Katelyn Thomas had fallen in love with him and decided to adopt him, renaming him Fen.

Fen has been living with Dr. Thomas for the past two years, enjoying many adventures together, especially swimming, which he loves. He has settled into his new home and continues to be a lovable pup.

Fen always kept his dear buddy Dr. Latimer in his heart. During the Peggy Adams Walk for Animals in 2018, Fen was the event’s mascot, and by chance, Dr. Latimer came along. When Fen saw him, he rushed towards him and jumped into his embrace!Although Fen began with a challenging life, his injuries have been healed, and he has found a loving home. Witness their emotional reunion by watching the video clip below.

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