In a courageous struggle, a man fights to protect his pet when an alligator attacks, bravely attempting to rescue the dog and prevent it from being dragged into the water

He combated to the end to save his beloved pet dog

Trent Tweddale, a former Military team sergeant, and also his canine Loki, were out for a stroll at his Wesley Church ranch in Pasco County, Florida, when an alligator appeared of nowhere and also assaulted Loki.

The 13-foot alligator jumped out of the marsh and also grabbed Loki by his arm prior to dragging him back into the water.

Tweddale instantly ordered his dog’s collar to draw him revoke the water, however the gator wouldn’t let go. Now, Tweddale knew he had no choice however to combat the alligator off, otherwise he would certainly shed his beloved dog.

Tweddale jumped knee-deep right into the water and began punching the gator’s head up until he ultimately released Loki.

He just obtain a couple of small injuries from punching the gator, however Loki had not been so lucky. He was rushed to the vet and undertook emergency surgical treatment on his front arm, which was hanging by a shred with the bones standing out.

Vets were able to rebuild his arm using metal plates and screws, as well as they wish he will certainly have the ability to walk typically after he recuperates.

In the meantime, Tweddale set a trap for the gator on his property, with help from Florida Fish and also Wild animals, to prevent this from taking place again to him or someone else.

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