Rescue Dog With Autoimmune Disease Proves Beauty Comes From Within

Inner beauty is the most radiant. It is not necessary to have a lovely face to be labeled beautiful. A renowned song even stated, “I am gorgeous no matter what people think.” Words cannot break me.”

And this rescue dog exemplifies what inner beauty is all about.

Meet Phoenix, an abandoned dog that became a stray.When he was out on the streets looking for food, he always attracted people’s attention. But as soon as they got a closer look at his face, their desire to assist him vanished. As a result, he was frequently referred to as “freakish” or even “horrifying.”

It was very heartbreaking since, like any other dog, all he ever wanted was to be cherished andaored.

The good news was that not everyone perceived him in that light. There were still some individuals who were happy to look past his face and provide him with the assistance he required.

And eventually, assistance arrived…Skiatook Paws Claws Animal Rescue in Oklahoma didn’t have to think twice about assisting Phoenix.

It all began when they received a phone call informing them of his predicament. His appearance didn’t affect them at all. They vowed to assist the unfortunate dog in the same manner in which they would assist any other dog.

When the rescue crew first met Phoenix, they realized he’d previously been with a human partner.However, it also demonstrated that his former owners did little to address his ailment, leaving him in an even worse state.

He’d clearly been mistreated, unwanted, and abandoned by some horrible humans. That poor man.

But, what happened to him?“He was just skin and bones.” All of his ribs were visible. He couldn’t close his eyes because he was so irritated. “He had a lot of edema and irritation in his face,” said Carisa Ducharne of Skiatook Paws Claws.

The rescue crew is still baffled as to what created Phoenix’s unusual physical appearance.

He’s still lovely, and when he was discovered, he wasn’t the least bit afraid of humans. His dark and tragic history did not shape him into the monster that others see in him; in fact, he is the polar opposite.

Skiatook Paws Claws provides frequent updates on Phoenix’s recovery.He’s won people’s hearts with his stunning attractiveness. Help poured in not out of pity, but because many people respected his bravery and his beauty. The kind community pitched in to help him pay his mounting medical costs.

Family Animal Medicine has been doing everything it can to assist Phoenix in every way it can. One important aspect of their assistance was determining that he most certainly has an autoimmune condition, albeit they are unsure which one.

The good news is that he has demonstrated nothing but progress since the first day he stepped foot in their facilities.

“He’s done nothing but progress every day,” Ducharne remarked. “I wouldn’t call this deliberate trauma, but neglect is abuse, and he was unquestionably ignored.”

Phoenix has received overwhelming support from the community’s dog lovers.As adoption requests roll in, they are getting closer to finding him a new permanent home.

The rescue team was overjoyed to see so much community support, and they are especially grateful to individuals who have shown an interest in adopting Phoenix.

Despite this, they stated that it may take some time before they consider adoption requests. First and foremost, they want him to be perfectly healthy.

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