Rescue on the Highway: Kind-Hearted Man Saves Abandoned Puppy from Extreme Heat

Over the weekend, a little puppy was found near Wamego after being left by its previous owner on a highway. Fortunately, the pup has now been adopted into a loving new home.

As the Coleman Electric staff headed towards Manhattan, they stumbled upon a sweet little puppy in a car carrier. The two employees, Matt McMillan and Steve McLean, managed to get the attention of the drivers of the double-decker truck carrying the car. With their help, they were able to halt the vehicle and rescue the adorable dog.

Following the successful rescue, Mcmillan took responsibility for caring for the adorable 4-month-old Karmel, a charming retriever-lab mix puppy that was discovered on the job site.

According to Mcmillan, the adorable puppy we discovered has already taken a liking to you and has settled herself comfortably at your feet. It seems like she may have been in need of some rest and relaxation, as she has been napping for most of the last couple of days.

Crime Stoppers has increased the cash rewards for anyone who can provide valuable information regarding a body discovered in west Wichita. The individual in question, McMillan, was deeply attached to his dog and struggled to cope with its recent passing. He believed he couldn’t go on without it.

Mcmillan took the furry little friend to get microchipped on a fine Tuesday. The previous owners were contacted but they declined to take the doggie back. To start with, this adorable doggo was adopted from a shelter in Manhattan.

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