Shocking Act of Cruelty: Man Shoots Pet Dog in the Face for Being ‘Too Happy’

The owner tied the pooch to a tree, shot him in the face, and left him to die.

Dogs are naturally joyful creatures, a quality that makes them so amazing.

However, one man punished his pooch for being too happy and playful. Hikers found the sweet 7-month-old puppy tied to a tree and left for dead.

According to reports, the owner claimed the dog was “too happy” all the time, which he thought was annoying. So he thought shooting the dog would solve his “problem.”

Save A Greek Stray received the pooch after the hikers brought him to the shelter. At the time, he was clinging to his life. But despite the severe injury and pain, the dog was still happy.

Ice developed an infection from his wound, but it was treatable.

Once the infection was under control, he underwent several surgeries to reconstruct his face. Still, through pain and discomfort, Ice continued to exude happiness.

The medical team used skin graphs to reconstruct his face. The pooch now features a permanent little tuft of skin on the left side of his face.

After recovery, the dog’s unique appearance bothered many people, and no one was ready to adopt him.

Fortunately, one family heard Ice’s story and decided to adopt him.

Now, Ice lives in the UK with his forever family. He still poses for pictures and is finally happy again.

This isn’t the first time a dog has suffered human cruelty.

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