Snuggling Up with a Hurt Canine: Veterinarian Shares a Kennel to Provide Comfort after a Fire

A heart-warming story about Taka, a lovable puppy who survived a house fire. Unfortunately, while Taka was sitting on the porch, his home caught aflame, and his family couldn’t retrieve him in time. Luckily, Taka managed to make a miraculous escape and ran away to safety. An observant neighbour spotted the pup wandering disorientated on the streets and quickly rushed him to the Care More Animal Hospital located in Martinez, Georgia. The furry survivor is now receiving all the love and care he needs to get back on his paws.

According to Emily Martin, a veterinarian from Care More Animal Hospital, the poor dog named Taka suffered severe burns on his eyes, mouth, ears, and belly. The extent of his injuries was unclear at first as they were worriedaout the possibility of inhalation burns. Sadly, Taka’s eyes were badly damaged, and he eventually lost his vision. Due to breathing difficulties, Taka was transported to the University of Georgia clinic where he was provided with oxygen support. After a few days, he was returned to Care More Animal Hospital, where the medical team is doing their best to help him. Martin was touched by Taka’s condition.

Martin revealed that although he tries to treat all his patients equally, Taka’s case tugged at his heartstrings a little more. Upon Taka’s arrival at the veterinary hospital, he was in excruciating pain and was eventually relinquished to Martin’s care. Martin’s dedication to Taka’s well-being has gone above and beyond his role as a veterinarian. In fact, Martin has become Taka’s mother. To ensure Taka received the care he needed, Martin took him home at night since the hospital wasn’t open 24/7. This way, Taka didn’t have to sleep alone. The next day, Martin even crawled into Taka’s kennel at the hospital, and they slept together. One of Martin’s co-workers captured this heartwarming moment.

Martin admires Taka for his remarkable calmness, even in the face of adversity. Despite all the challenges he’s experiencing, Taka’s kindness is truly remarkable to Martin. Martin attributes this sort of behavior to animals who bite when they are in pain, but Taka has never once tried to bite anyone.

It is early to determine the potential long-term effects of Taka’s burns, but Martin and the other vets are hopeful about his recovery. They are particularly encouraged by the fact that he is able to feed himself and use the restroom independently.

Martin shared that Taka is currently experiencing a great deal of discomfort, but the team remains optimistic about his recovery. In addition, Taka’s individuality and traits are starting to become more apparent.

According to Martin, Taka is a big fan of belly rubs and food, which makes him quite similar to a pig. Moreover, he is fond of hugging as well. Martin has developed a strong bond with Taka and is contemplating the idaof adopting him indefinitely. However, Taka’s mother already owns five dogs and has a seven-month-old baby, making her home environment not ideal for Taka, who requires significant care.

Martin is on a mission to find the perfect home for his furry friend, someone who recognizes and appreciates his dog’s special qualities. Despite experiencing a traumatic past, Martin’s beloved pet shows great resilience and strength, and he admires him greatly for it. Let’s spread this touching story to those close to us!

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