The abandoned dog, with tears in its eyes and a bitten leash in its mouth, is currently in very poor health while searching for its owner


In our small yard, we now care for 60 furry babies. Each one has a tragic backstory and has found solace with us. They lead peaceful lives within our modest courtyard, as we do our best to improve their circumstances despite not having great wealth. Our efforts have indeed made a positive impact on their lives. This brings us immense satisfaction and relief.

Recent events have unfolded in our small courtyard. Plans to sterilize and vaccinate the furry babies are on hold due to our beloved pet, July, being hospitalized. Dayao has been keeping company with July in the hospital. It’s unclear whether Dayao can handle the situation alone. Looking at Fantuan, I administer medicine and offer comfort. It’s heartbreaking to witness. The pain must be immense. Lucky, you’ve gotten so dirty. I haven’t seen you for days, July.

Given July’s current condition, it’s best to let it remain hospitalized. All of you are fine, right? It’s uncertain how July will fare. Lucky, needles might not be suitable for you. Brother Dayao is also absent from the farmhouse, as he’s caring for July elsewhere. Have you seen Brother Dayao recently? Please behave, Lucky; no more fighting. Is it too hot? If so, remember to drink more water. Stay healthy, everyone. Douding, make sure you’re healthy and obedient too.

Our family is with July at the hospital, and we’re uncertain about its condition. Panther is doing well, though. Lucky, get up. Let me trim Doudou’s fur. Look at the tangled tail; it needs tidying. I’ll cut it, allowing you to rest comfortably. Princess, you’re here too. I’ll trim Doudou’s fur in another spot. Ready? I’ll trim its fur. Lucky, take a look and let Doudou have a slight trim. Get up quickly. Where’s the panther? Get up, get up; I’ll trim Doudou’s hindquarters.

Doudou, don’t want a haircut? Not interested in a trim? Brother Doudou’s tail is curled up. I’ll trim it. Black Panther, you’re doing well. The grip is fine. Still acting like a baby despite your size? Your head is much larger than others’, yet you’re behaving like a youngster. Cutting might take a moment. No more shaking hands; I’m cutting Brother Doudou’s hair. Black Panther, do you miss July? It’s been a while since you last saw it, right?

Indeed, July is in the hospital. We haven’t seen it for a few days. Hello, everyone. I’m Yuan Yuan. July has been in the hospital for several days. Its condition remains unstable. You might have seen my video earlier today. I’m here to care for the kids. Dayao has been with Qiyue for a few days, providing comfort as July is aged. Though neither of us is currently with July, we still have many little ones in our care. Today, I’m alone here.

Some furry kids in our yard seem to sense July’s absence. They’re behaving well, lying down. Our small courtyard can’t be left unattended. One of us is in Xuzhou, and the other is here in the yard. We’re in touch with Dayao to learn about the situation at the Seventh House. Our best hope is to aid July through this tough time. We hope July will recover and remain with us a bit longer. Despite its age, we desire more time with July.

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