The heartbreaking story of the poor dog’s 7-year battle with a giant tumor on his neck will probably make you cry

is former employers ignored his salary guidance for over 6 years. The poor dog was in so much pain, he cried all the time, and he couldn’t turn his head…

After its previous owners flouted its huge salary for an unbelievable six years, a lazy dog ​​finally gets the vet’s care. According to the Long Way Hoe rescue team, Jake was loved so much by his friend, but they didn’t take him to the doctor when his face began to swell.

According to the owners, Jake has lived with a salary course for SIX YEARS, since they believe it was caused by a snake. He was raised as a house dog, extremely docile, toilet trained, gets along well with other dogs, and can be shaken. “By organization”

After Jake was discovered wandering a remote area of ​​Texas last week, Cribs for Canines began is working to convince him to hand over ownership so Jake can receive vet treatment. y that he needs. Jake is being treated in Waco and has felt significant relief after draining a large amount of fluid. According to the organization.

We are grateful for the wonderful staff at Texas Animal medicaɩ Center in Waco, where Dr. Lide and his colleagues treated Jake and drained 1200cc of saline from his neck. (Check out the last two photos to see how much of a difference it makes!)

“For the FIRST TIME IN 6 YEARS, Jake couldn’t turn back. That’s an easy thing to achieve! He is eating and going to the toilet properly, is in good spirits and everything seems to be in good shape.” According to the agency

There is no guarantee that Jake will make a full recovery, but the abandoned are working tirelessly to grab the best possible chance.

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