This young puppy took the initiative to become a constant companion to a lone widow, visiting her daily and touching the hearts of many

Sally was widowed 30 years ago and very lonely. But then one day an excepted visitor stopped by, and everything changed.

Sally was home alone one day when an adorable surprise visitor arrived at her door. She was more than glad for the company since her husband had been gone so long and her children were spread all over the country.

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Her guest turned out to be a super cute Saint Bernard puppy that her neighbors got. The puppy must have sensed how lonely Sally was because he made it his mission to become her special friend.

The puppy’s name was Brody and on that first meeting, he somehow made his way to Sally’s door. It was love at first sight, and soon Brody visited Sally daily. Whenever Brody had the chance, he’d dart down the street to see her.

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Brody grew huge fast but that didn’t stop him from continuing to visit his puppyhood friend. He adored his neighbor and gave her plenty of love and support. Of course, Brody received lots of love and attention in return.

Brody and Sally enjoyed their special friendship and loved to spend time together. He helped keep Sally active and she kept him supplied with yummy treats and lots of spoiling from his favorite store.

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Brody and Sally go on lots of adventures, walks, rides in the car, and share lots of hugs. But mostly, they share a special friendship all because a special puppy took notice of a person who needed him.

Brody is a special dog that has brought lots of love into Sally’s life. Without him, she’d probably still be lonely but now she has a special friend to look forward to spending lots of time with and the feeling is mutual.

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Brody’s family is special too because they are happy to share their dog with her. We hope their special story touches your heart and inspires you to reach out to someone who needs a friend. As always, please feel free to share.

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