Unlikely Friendship Blossoms: Tiny Owl Forms Heartwarming Bond with Enormous Belgian Shepherd

Dogs are not exclusively man’s best friend as a photographer from Germany proved by capturing incredible photos of a bond between a tiny owlet and a Belgian shepherd. Ingo is a Malinois which is a type of Belgian shepherd typically used by the police and Napoleon is a one-year-old baby owl. Despite being different species, they formed an amazing friendship with each other.

“I really love animals, ever since I was still a baby,” said Tanja in 2015. “When I was a kid, I kept various species of animals and then hid them from my parents. I love the beauty, power, loyalty, and courage of animal friendships. Many people can learn from them. ”

Here are 14 beautiful pictures of Ingo and Poldi which prove that friendships can form in the most unlikely way:















Which one of these adorable photos caught your attention?

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